Personal Attacks on the website :(

Can’t get to concentrate at all, someone is after me for real.

This Christmas won’t be great for me I guess. My Facebook profile got banned (due to series of reports) along with the Twitter ID @davedemon. This really sucks. I didn’t do anything bad that violates the FB policies. Anyone can get a profile banned by getting it reported from a couple of people.

The website also received series of DDos attacks, I am thinking to implement Cloudflare on the website with full security.

This was a personal attack for sure, but whoever thinks that it is cool. Man, stop it. THIS IS NOT COOL.

Update: Crap, my twitter handle has gone wild.


Guys, I will keep you updated. Check back later, I am going to fix things up. Loved the fact that this used to be a large news site back in the day.

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