Gmail Features, How To Create a Account

Ever heard of the service called Gmail, I’m pretty sure that you have. Gmail is the email service provided by Google, launched back in 2004 as “Google Beta” with 1 GB space for the emails. Moving forward the Gmail service has been upgraded a lot of times, now the users have 15 GB of space.

When you sign up for a Gmail you are automatically opted in to every Google service like Google Drive, Google Docs, Picasa etc. All of these are Google’s services, you can use your main Google login to have access to all these websites.

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WhatsApp for PC Laptop Download Free 2014

WhatsApp for PC Laptop Download FreeWhatsApp is an messaging platform that doesn’t require any introduction at all, you must have used it once, that is why you must have headed to this website to find out a way to install it on your PC. If you don’t have a mobile phone you can easily use this article to have whatsapp running on your computer in no time.

Today Me (Dave) will cover how to download WhatsApp on your PC. This is the best way to have whatsapp running on your computer in no time.

Note: Beware of the sites that you find online on Google, most of them are actually distributing software that is not suitable for your computer at all. Whatever we have mentioned in the article is the only way to have whatsapp running on a desktop computer.

Download WhatsApp for PC

  • Download and install the BlueStacks Android Emulator on your computer. You can find it online.
  • Installation procedure is pretty simple and straightforward. Download and install the BlueStacks software.
  • After the installation is complete, start the BlueStacks software and perform a search for “WhatsApp”.
  • Install the same, you have successfully downloaded whatsapp for pc.

Now you can easily start whatsapp on your pc by opening the BlueStacks application. Read on to know more about the configuration part.

Configuring WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp requires a mobile phone number to able to perform any actions like sending and receiving messages. For that you have to configure the application.

  • Open the application, select your county and hit next
  • Enter your mobile phone number and the country code, hit next again
  • You will now receive a sms on the given mobile number
  • Enter the received code in the next screen and the application will start.

If you face any sort of difficulty while installing whatsapp on pc, do let us know using the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out.

Google Working on its own messenger app?

First of all, sorry guys for the long delay that I put this website with. It has been a long time since I have posted. The good news is that I have moved the website from Drupal to WP and I find myself more comfortable now along with the website.

Google Offered over $10 billion to buy WhatsApp, which was bought by FB.

Google Offered over $10 billion to buy WhatsApp, which was bought by FB.

So, Google has already lost the deal of WhatsApp which was later on acquired by the social networking giant Facebook. What I didn’t understand is how in the world a app like that can get sold for that much, it asks for a mere dollar fee after a year. But there is a whatsapp for pc tweak that you can use to make it work for another year. Well leave it, lets come to the point so WhatsApp has a heck lot of users, that why it was priced so high.
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