Google Working on its own messenger app?

First of all, sorry guys for the long delay that I put this website with. It has been a long time since I have posted. The good news is that I have moved the website from Drupal to WP and I find myself more comfortable now along with the website.

Google Offered over $10 billion to buy WhatsApp, which was bought by FB.

Google Offered over $10 billion to buy WhatsApp, which was bought by FB.

So, Google has already lost the deal of WhatsApp which was later on acquired by the social networking giant Facebook. What I didn’t understand is how in the world a app like that can get sold for that much, it asks for a mere dollar fee after a year. But there is a whatsapp for pc tweak that you can use to make it work for another year. Well leave it, lets come to the point so WhatsApp has a heck lot of users, that why it was priced so high.

So sources close are telling that Google is currently working of the Google Messenger App which is in the development stages as of now. Google is everywhere, from your phone to your computer to your Mapping system. Google wants to pretty much occupy everything, years back it was only a search engine which has now emerged to almost everything in the Tech World.

Whatever is happening right now about the messenger plan is certainly going to be cool. I hope that it doesn’t renovate the Hangouts app (earlier Google Talk, which I used to love), because that would be sick.

Google vs WhatsApp (Facebook Company now) would be a great challenge to see. As of now there are over 600 million active users of WhatsApp according to Wikipedia. Japan’s Line Messenger also has around 400 million users.

Let’s see how Google does it, the release of the app is expected to happen in Q1, 2015.

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