Evolving of Education Through The Internet & Recent Visit to India

I am not much of a writer.. but this thing has been striking my head for long time.

Truckload of things have changed since the internet came to life, there were times when we had to submit a page to Google in order to add it to their index. Now Google and everything else on the web has advanced to a very very advanced level, things are not similar to what they were in 2000-2005 or 2010.

Here is quote from Wikipedia about the History of Internet

Research into packet switching started in the early 1960s and packet switched networks such as Mark I at NPL in the UK, ARPANET, CYCLADES,Merit Network,Tymnet, and Telenet, were developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s using a variety of protocols. The ARPANET in particular led to the development of protocols for internetworking, where multiple separate networks could be joined together into a network of networks.

These networks of networks of networks have made what it is possible today. What do you think the internet is, internet is a group of websites that are served through a unique webaddress, also known as a domain name.

What I learned from my Recent visit to India

On my recent visit to India, I met a guy who runs a website called as mahresult.nic.in, he told me how he is able to run a network of Education related stuff on the web and make money from the same. Well, I was amazed how much knowledge that kid had about the internet, he is literally above the levels of normal people of this age.

The thing is not that he is making money, the main point is he is educating people through the web and in return he is able to make money. This is a fair fair thing for both parties.

So, the possibility of making a living from the internet has been there for several years now. You can learn about this from several resources available on the web. You can read about the benefits of the internet from here.

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