Sign Up, Features – How To

Ever heard of the service called Gmail, I’m pretty sure that you have. Gmail is the email service provided by Google, launched back in 2004 as “Google Beta” with 1 GB space for the emails. Moving forward the Gmail service has been upgraded a lot of times, now the users have 15 GB of space.

When you sign up for a Gmail you are automatically opted in to every Google service like Google Drive, Google Docs, Picasa etc. All of these are Google’s services, you can use your main Google login to have access to all these websites.

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Personal Attacks on the website :(

Can’t get to concentrate at all, someone is after me for real.

This Christmas won’t be great for me I guess. My Facebook profile got banned (due to series of reports) along with the Twitter ID @davedemon. This really sucks. I didn’t do anything bad that violates the FB policies. Anyone can get a profile banned by getting it reported from a couple of people.

The website also received series of DDos attacks, I am thinking to implement Cloudflare on the website with full security.

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